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From the The South West Regional Organised Crime Unit, protecting communities across the South West from serious and organised crime

This excellent fraud prevention resource has been created to help raise awareness of the dangers of fraud and offer preventative measures to help keep everyone safe from the insidious creep being seen in financial crimes in recent years.

The Little Book of Big Scams – 5th Edition

An audio version of the Little Book of Big Scams can be found at this link staying safe online have some excellent information on how to stay safe online and how to avoid the more common scams.
Getting online can make life easier in many ways, but also comes with the risk of scams and fraud. Online scams are becoming increasingly common, but you can protect yourself by knowing what to look out for, and what to do if you suspect a scam.

Click this link to open the page avoiding phone scams have produced a guide on phone scams and how to avoid them. Did you know, phone scams make up the largest proportion of UK financial frauds

Find out more about the current phone scams and read Saga’s comprehensive tips showing you how you can avoid them.
Click this link to open the page

Signs an email may be a scam

The internet has brought many positives to our lives, offering information, goods, services and interaction with friends and family. But it also offers another way for fraudsters to approach victims. Read Saga’s tips to help you spot, stop and avoid email scams:
Click this link to open the page

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